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First Aid – New Zealand Red Cross

This event is hosted by Red Cross and covers first aid for infants through to primary school age. Ideal for parents, caregivers, babysitters and those wanting to brush up on CPR skills. This is a hands on class and covers:

  • Primarily CPR and choking prevention
  • Drowning scenarios
  • How to deal with other emergency situations (like burns, allergic reactions, poisonings and bangs on the head) 
  • The process involved with calling 111

$35 per person (Bookings via Eventbrite). Please find the links under Events in this page.

Classes are held at the Melling Birthing Centre – Upstairs in the Education Room, 2 Connolly Street Lower Hutt and begin at 6 30pm. There is a maximum of 30 people per class and you will need to register. Light refreshments will be available on the evening.

This session allows a maximum of 18 members.

This is a fun evening with a fantastic educator and we look forward to having you along.

Baby & You Course

The Baby & You programme follows on from our antenatal classes, runs over three sessions and is ideally suited to babies aged between 0-3 months. The course is a fantastic opportunity to get out and about with your newborn in the early weeks. Bring your baby along and he/she can feed/sleep/play throughout the sessions.
It is a structured but informal class and if your baby is unsettled during the class this is no problem at all. The course covers a lot of topics that will be helpful to you in getting through the first few weeks/months of parenthood:

Week 1
Journey to parenthood, brief introduction by participants about their birth, following with best and hardest thing about being a parent.
Trouble shooting any feeding issues.

Week 2
Finish any feeding related issues / questions
Focus on sleep, covering basic sleep education
Troubleshoot sleeping and crying issues

Week 3
Brain development
Development ages and stages within the first year
Baby massage
Changes to lifestyle now they are a parent and ideas for coping

Moving and Munching Course

A follow-on course for parents and babies aged 4 months + Bring your baby along and he/she can feed/sleep/play throughout the sessions. Time – Classes start at 10am – 12pm.

Cost – $45 for the course .

As babies change from 4 months onwards becoming more aware of the world and themselves. This course will include starting solids, heathy attitudes to food, play and child development, teething, child proofing the home and much much more!
It’s an exciting time. As a new parent it can be difficult to know how to go about introducing solid foods and what issues you need to be aware of now that your baby is (or is getting closer to) being on the move!

Development milestones vary widely from child to child. This programme includes information on physical, cognitive (or intellectual), language and social (emotional) development. It stresses that no baby can be compared to another when it comes to development – they are all unique and all reach developmental milestones at different times.

Parents often ask what the signs are for development stages, both in terms of movement and in terms of diet. This programme gives you the opportunity to openly discuss concerns and to learn about balancing baby’s dietary intake as well as understanding and exploring a variety of activities that you as a parent can introduce and enjoy with your little one.

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